Get an Estimate

To get started

Things to know: we do run a waitlist and cannot take your car right away. We keep a slot for smaller projects, so if you don’t need a full restoration we can get you in more quickly, but there will still be a wait. We don’t take deposits to get on our waitlist, however, we will need an approved estimate.

1. email us photos of your project (, especially the areas you know need work. This is a good option for customers out of state, or if your car is not driveable right now.


Call us and schedule a time to bring it by, if you are local and it’s drivable.

2. we’ll discuss your goals for the project, and then work up an estimate. we may provide several options to fit your budget.

3. if you like what you see, we’ll put your name on our waitlist.

4. we’ll stay in touch as your scheduled slot approaches.

Project Management

Whether your vintage car is a daily driver or a show-quality concourse vehicle, we can cater to your car restoration budget.

We like to keep our clients informed of every step that is taken on their cars. Our primary goal is to get your classic car repaired or customized in line with your vision. Regular assessments and appraisals of the agreed work remaining will take place at the interval you feel comfortable with. Clients are always welcome to drop by the shop and take a look.


The shop rate is $95/hour. Materials and parts that we purchase are marked up 15%.

Clients are invoiced every two weeks. Each invoice is detailed explaining every task undertaken and performed. Invoices are accompanied by photos documenting work completed. Photos are taken daily for each project.

Contact The Metal Surgeon in Denver for more information (email: or phone us at 303-761-4884! Look under the “About” page at the top for more about the services we specialize in.